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Transformational Data Analysis to Improve DMO Performance

Triple Point and SMG Consulting are partnering to offer the NEXT LEVEL DMO PERFORMANCE SUITE. These three quantitative services are bundled and specifically designed for DMO leaders who want the highest-level insights for leading their organization.

What you get

  • Enjoy greater data clarity and perspective identifying opportunities.

  • Increase strategic and tactical planning and effectiveness.

  • Experience the difference leading and planning with more accurate forecasting.

The result? Deeper decision-making confidence for you. The real payoff is when your destination experiences higher marketing performance and economic productivity.

The Next Level DMO Performance Suite

Taken together, this series of services provide executive and board-level leaders with the clearest actionable insights for their destination supported by quantitative analysis. The suite includes:

Module 1: Visitor Demand Estimate and Future Forecasts

Do you know how many tourists visit your destination each year? By type and from which markets? A baseline assessment will quantify your present destination characteristics. Knowing who your customers are, why they visit, from where, when and in what proportion will allow you to develop a more coherent marketing strategy for your destination. What motivates one visitor profile may not attract other profiles. Every destination has a specific visitor profile they would like to see more of and often.

Module 2: Tourism Economic Impact Analysis

Understand the overall economic impact of visitors to your destination, including the number of jobs created and tax revenues generated by tourism. This study allows you to understand the value of each of your visitor segments. This study provides a baseline revenue assessment of your tourism economy. From this baseline, revenue and other metrics will be monitored over time to better understand the factors influencing your community.

Module 3: Destination Tourism Scenario Planning

From baseline assessments of demographics and economics, we can forecast the outcome of alternative marketing scenarios. Forecasting and scenario modelling will help you to develop better marketing strategies. Scenario planning will improve your allocation of limited marketing dollars, allowing you to achieve your destination’s goals more effectively and efficiently. This process allows you to ask “what if” questions about your marketing and destination strategy and understand the economic impact of those decisions.

Simple and easy. Learn more

Now your DMO can use cutting-edge services typically reserved for leaders of only the largest DMOs, at an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more about how our NEXT LEVEL DMO PERFORMANCE SUITE can work for you.

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