Data-Driven Marketing in the Ski Industry

Skier visits Skier visits are reaching all-time highs though growth rates are modest. Nationally visits increased 3.7 percent last winter, yet failed to hit the 20-year average. In Utah, skier visits increased 2.8 percent and Colorado’s visitation dipped slightly. Last winter is being described as warm to start and…

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Dynamically Pricing Short-Term Rentals

An analysis of short-term rental (STR) room rates in Austin for the 2016 year clearly shows the interplay of supply and demand. As major events such as SXSW spike demand for rental lodging, prices rise accordingly. These findings further imply that supply was not able to keep up with…

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Short-term Rentals in Ski Resort Communities

The supply of traditional hotel lodging in ski resort communities has not increased noticeably in recent years. In contrast, demand for ski vacations continues to grow. Consequently, residential short-term rental (STR) lodging has satisfied the growing demand for ski resort lodging in recent years. Robust metrics for quantifying these…

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Revenue Management in the Age of Short Term Rentals

The transient lodging supply is growing rapidly because the lodging supply is changing. Residential housing now has the ability to move quickly into transient lodging, thus growing the total potential supply of lodging.  This new flexible residential short-term rental (STR) inventory presents a new challenge to traditional revenue management…

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Dynamic Pricing Benefits

Several recent news stories show how much dynamic pricing is being adopted. For example, tequila shots at The Blind Burro bar in San Diego change every five minutes depending on demand. Dynamic pricing benefits are becoming more apparent to both small and large companies now incorporating this strategy into their operations. Supply…

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Solutions for Small Community Air Service

  Last month I wrote about the economics of regional flying and the spiral nature of larger aircraft literally “driving” more air passengers to larger hubs. Before that we looked at the economics of the regional “pilot shortage”. Indeed, small community airports are feeling the pinch of fewer planes…

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Forest Management Should Fund Firefighting

Unnaturally overgrown forests, catastrophic fires, and bark beetle infestations: what’s wrong with this picture? Poor forest health. The sequence really begins with the U.S. Forest Service spending over half of its budget fighting catastrophic fires, which in turn leads to the unnaturally overgrown forests. With so much of its…

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Regional Airline Economics Challenges Small Community Air Service

Small regional airports find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place with demand for additional passengers sourced by regional airlines declining on one side and the unit cost of acquiring those passengers increasing on the other. The reason demand is declining for regionally sourced passengers is not…

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Dynamic Pricing Meets Big Data

We all know that supply and demand intersect at price. Historically, supply and demand curves have represented the market place for a particular good or service. For example, how strong is the demand for skiing in April across the country? It is an aggregate of how everyone feels. Diehards…

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Embracing Change in Our Mountain Towns

  • By Jeff Moffett
  • December 2, 2015
  • News

In a recent ColoradoBiz piece about the pluses and minuses of tourism in Colorado mountain towns, I was asked to comment. The subtitle is “It’s a struggle to juggle identity amid change.”, Tourism brings economic activity to rural towns, but along with economic activity comes change. Change Is Constant The…

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